Monday, January 16, 2012

Series plus one

I'm doing the preparations for a triptic plus one painting for Lully Schwartz's class starting this Wednesday.  So far I took probably over 100 photos, running out at sunrise and sunset to capture the right lighting and have settled on a view I see on my morning walk, although it will be set at sunset.

While a student of Joel Babb's at the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston, we worked on complicated perspectives such as this view which includes what you can see on the left and right of where your field of vision actually is--a wrap-around more or less.  Joel is a master of this.

So I did a storyboard, a sketch, a rough color study and worked out some variations to decide what size canvases to use for the triptic and have pretty much decided on three 18x18" squares.

I also will attempt to use a broken color theory and use a modified impressionist palette.  I love the colors and style of work by Connie Hayes and will be using her style for inspiration.  There is an excellent but long lecture that she did, which is streaming online, and accessible by way of the above link as well.

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