Saturday, January 7, 2012

RED, the play about Rothko in Boston

I liked the play last night about Mark Rothko.  RED

I am preparing to do a series of 4 large oil paintings (no connection with the above topic) soon in a contemporary impressionist style using an acrylic ground, and coincidentally, I received an email today from  Michael Chesley Johnson about that process "using a clear acrylic ground in oil painting".  

I am a confirmed oil painter but lately I need the expediency of using acrylic in some of my work.  When people say that oil is too slow, they could be referring to the fact that it doesn't slide on easily and quickly like acrylic does.  If you like to move the paint around quickly, oil doesn't do that unless you add too much medium to it which destroys the chemical makeup of oil paint.  As long as the oil paint is the last thing you apply, in other words, acrylic under, oil over, all is well.

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