Friday, December 2, 2011

This week in my studio.

I cleaned, organized, uncluttered, revamped, etc. my studio--just about every inch.  I built on to my vertical storage unit, ordered frames, a lighting system for taking photos, and shopped for classroom/studio furniture for the classes I will start giving in the early spring.  In the meantime, a friend gave me 10 years (at least) worth of International Artist (my favorite) magazines and I've had little sleep with all the reading I am compulsively doing.  It was better than Christmas receiving these magazines. I'm also deep into writing my book on Beginner Oil Painting, which will probably never get finished, but it will be a great help with my course syllabus.

I had oral surgery the day before Thanksgiving and ripped my stitches and got an infection, so I have still been busy as you can see, all things considered.

I've been running into friends since I'm hanging in the Sage Art Gallery, Haverhill, MA.

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