Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sage Gallery--up and running

top left painting
Pardon the confusion, but I took these photos while the paintings were on the floor as I was arranging them for hanging at the gallery.  It was a busy day, bringing them there, hanging them, running to Newburyport to enter a couple of paintings for the Holiday Show there--Newburyport Art Association, until January 2nd.  Then I had to run to my dentist and tomorrow I'll be visiting a specialist about an old root canal that is acting up.  I did work on a spreadsheet for inventorying my artwork and will be inserting some data today to see how it will work.  As easy as Picasa is, I manage to goof it up.  I had to edit these photos in Photoshop's Elements for some reason.  Photos are my nemesis.   

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