Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rink Walls

Here are pictures of the rink improvements I've done over the past couple of weeks.  
The men's and ladies' rooms were painted as well a light gray with dark gray trim.

Front wall being scraped, wire brushed and primed and weeded.
Front wall final paint job.
Taken from other end, sun was too strong.
Street side inside wall, before.  Light purple mountains were done over
and horizon line moved down and changed to a different green color.
Same wall as above-redesigned blue mountains.  Blacklight and iridescent paint to be added later.
Back side inside wall, before.  Wood was added to existing wall mural because of breaks in plaster.  
Same wall as above-background blue painted over all except extreme top area.
Gold Medal Skater Cliff  helped--pictured with me.
 Marc refinished the main floor and the ladies, mens, snack bar, and skateroom floors.  New stalls were added to the bathrooms and a beautiful black granite countertop with silver faucets was installed in the ladies room.  Next, new showcases for the sales area and always more new sound and lighting.

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