Sunday, September 27, 2015

Odds and Ends

Just a note to let you know I'm still being busy with things in process.  
Rink outside wall:  I had to repaint a gallon of paint as one of the gallons wasn't the right color, slightly darker, so that had to be redone.
Portraits:  I started on one of two portraits that have been commissioned and worked on it twice so far.  It takes twice as long to paint a portrait from a photo than it does from life.  I worked with Mark Hayden on Thursday and I also attended the Haverhill Art Association, twice a month, portrait painting session last Saturday and did a fair job.  I've been away from portraits for a while and I'm feeling very rusty.
Volunteer:  I've done some art association volunteering lately. I like doing that.
Demo:  Today I'll go to the Buttonwoods Museum for a demo by Allan Bull.
Big Mural Project:  I'm busy purchasing supplies and equipment and designing the mural.  I got a fair start yesterday on the drawing (working on scale on paper not on the actual wall)  but it will take a while.  Along with the design and composition aspect, working in a different medium (airbrush and spray guns) the process or procedure is different and will take some planning.  Stencils have to be made for some other areas of the rink as well as some for this wall, and the layering aspect is something that takes thought.  I had a phone conversation with the famous mural artist, Jody Barrio, I can't believe he called me in response to an email I sent and talked about equipment, etc.  He is totally amazing!
Teaching:  I'm still working with a student who is coming along very well and she makes me shift gears to think about other aspects of painting.
Small works:  I've painted two small flower paintings, both 8x8".  One is a field of hollyhocks, I like hollyhocks.
Magazines:  Of course, I've read a lot as usual.  I spend a lot of time either reading books, magazines or things on-line about art, and watching videos to learn more about airbrush and airbrush equipment.
Time:  When I do get started painting the mural, it will be during the night.  I'm not looking forward to cleaning up after a long night of painting, where you have to take the equipment outside and hose it down, etc.  It makes a huge mess.  It's getting cold outside now in the mornings.
I'll work on this one again tomorrow.

Wild Hollyhocks in a Field

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