Sunday, August 9, 2015

Video Tutorials and research on Airbrush Techniques

I've spent the entire day watching and learning and taking notes about airbrush painting in preparation for doing a mural at the skating rink.  The first wall will be about 16' tall and 160' long.  The design elements will be a space theme with black light and flourescent paint.  I think I will truly enjoy this adventure.  There is a lot of expense with equipment, paint, etc., but I'm thinking it will work up faster than the regular paint brush techniques I've used in the past.  Only time will tell, and I'll be talking about it as I progress.

A couple of days ago I went into Boston's MFA and saw the extensive Hokusai exhibition.  Talk about prolific, he was amazing, what a fantastic draftsman.  He worked in ink and various water paints on many surfaces and did woodblock prints.  In one day he painted a banner 6 stories high using 14 gallons of paint.  He could work big and tiny.  It is mind boggling, be sure to look him up!

This week coming up, I'm going out toWilliamsburg MA (western Massachusetts) to see the much talked about Van Gogh exhibit at the Clark, staying overnight.

Did I mention that I just returned from Santa Fe, New Mexico and Scottsdale, AZ and saw some very exciting art.  If I'm not motivated now, I'll never be!

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