Saturday, June 27, 2015


I'm enjoying and relaxing and wanted to let people know that all is well and I'm not pushing myself to produce art that I can post here.  I've been absorbed as usual in "art", going to shows, reading, etc., just not focused enough to be in the grove.
I sold two paintings lately and, just to prove that I need to be better organized, I couldn't find them!  Oh, I did, eventually, but had to scour the house about three times before finding them.  Two separate occasions, mind you.  I was afraid I was really losing it.  One I had brought up to the studio to paint some more on it, so it was in that pile of paintings.  The other one was in a box of small paintings which I had quickly looked through, but simply missed it the first time through.  I haven't been very good at updating my web site either, sorry.
So briefly, I've been doing more skating coaching as it's the competitive season right now until the beginning of August; doing yard work as it's the growing season; and having people over to grill and sit on the deck.
I've booked some art travel to follow the skating nationals trip and will visit Santa Fe, Taos and Scottsdale in early August.  Yup, it will be HOT. :)
(Today is the two-month anniversary of my husband's death.  I've made pretty good progress with the clothing donations to charity and reorganizing. The paperwork people talk about has not been that bad.)

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