Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We Run

We Run, 30x40", acrylic on canvas
This painting that I finished yesterday is titled "We Run" (Together) which comes from the billboard sign on the right edge of the painting.  It is a view down Berkeley at the corner of Boylston.
I've been painting since I moved into this house in my studio upstairs (14 years ago) and while working on this painting (in acrylic) I made more mess in a few days than I did in oil in 14 years.  Boy, I have to get a little better organized to work with acrylics.
I'm planning to tone down the building on the left that is a little bit too yellow and fix a tire on a car.  A painter's work in never done.
I took this picture on the way home from an art show at Cyclorama in March in late afternoon on a rainy day while driving.
I did it for the DPW challenge to paint a busy city street scene which came up just recently and motivated me to do this painting, and the Merrimac Public Library offered me a show in August and for that I thought I'd do about 4 large acrylic paintings.

I did take photos while in process and will post them tomorrow.


  1. Your painting. In acrylics is very interesting. Dennis and I think you are very talented. Keep up your good works,
    Joanne from Illinois. This painting makes me miss Boston.

  2. Mary, your painting in acrylics is very interesting. It makes me miss Boston! My husband, Dennis, and I love your paintings. You are very talented. Keep up your good work! Enjoy!