Monday, December 9, 2013

Helpful information

Everyone has their favorite stuff for cleaning brushes, clothes, etc.  Dreama has recommended this product for getting paint out of clothes.  Get the paint out, and all kinds of other dirt or stains. with this dandy product.   I usually don't have problems getting paint out of my clothes as long as I tend to it right away.  My go-to product is my dish soap.

She also posted some tips for painters who travel by plane: I have flown with my paints and put them in my checked luggage.  I don't wrap them in bubble wrap, although it's probably a good idea.  I don't want to change my luck, but I haven't had any problems with the inspectors.

Today I had my art student and she was celebrating her one-year anniversary by completing a painting from a photo.  She did a painting of this photo before she started her lessons, and next week, I'll post her before and after photos.  I am proud of her accomplishments, she is a good student who listens and is cooperative, and she is diligent.

Today I also painted and tried the Zorn palette.  Wow, hard to get colors from only black, white, red and ocher.  I used a student grade black, so I'm going now to look through my stuff and try to find a professional quality Ivory Black as it might make the difference in trying to get blues and greens.

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