Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fallen Fairy at Glue Hospital

My model fairy fell off my easel today and is in the glue hospital.  The frog's arm and a couple of the frog's fingers broke off and they are very tiny so I haven't found them yet.  The fairy's wings broke off, one in two places, and they are being stubborn about staying on after I glued them.
I've found a couple of references that I plan to try to use for the background--water lilies.
This accident happened because I'm not in my usual studio where I have appropriate stands, but in my gallery space where I work with students.  I didn't take the time to set myself up properly and even taped the fairy to the easel, I don't know how the tape broke.
We are having a snow storm as I write this.  It's accumulating fast.  I shoveled once, came in to glue, and a couple of inches fell in about 1/2 hour.  A couple of days ago we had about a foot of snow.
If the fairy doesn't need a lot of physical therapy, I'll put her to work tomorrow.

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