Friday, April 12, 2013

Yesterday's student and my small painting

My art student is coming along by leaps and bounds.  She wants to have a show next fall to celebrate her one-year anniversary.  This woman is very focused and determined and fast.  Teaching her is like riding on a run-away stage coach where you lost the reins.  Seriously though, she's trying very hard and most likely is being very patient with me.

Since she is moving forward at lightning speed, I'm trying not to hover over her so today I worked on a small painting while she worked on her painting.  I'll check it later today, do any last minute touchups and then post it to my facebook art page and it will go on auction on Carol Marine's Daily Paintworks page.  I'm with PayPal now so anyone can quickly and easily purchase a painting. 

Carol's Flower Market, 6x6" oil

Later today I'll try to emphasize the sun and shade aspect where some of these flowers are shaded by the umbrella. 

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