Sunday, August 19, 2012

Snow in Summer

Diptych 18x24" original oil on canvas, Bear Hill Road Series,
Cutter House Show, Arlington MA, November 2012

Maybe painting snow on a hot day helps.  This view of Bear Hill Road last winter was after our biggest snowfall, maybe 4 inches--very unusual for us up here in New England to get so little.  This diptych, consisting of two stretched canvas panels 18x24" each, tries to portray late afternoon on a cold cloudy day.  My favorite scraggly trees are in the far distance and there is a slight indication of the setting sun on the horizon.  I'm still working on the snow in the foreground.
I didn't post the picture I last talked about with the dual focal point predicament because I've worked on it since I took the last photo and need to take another one to post.

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