Friday, August 17, 2012

Oh gosh, now gouache's been a while since I posted, sorry.  I have been busy painting but nothing is finished yet.  I'm having a little dual-focal point problem.  I'll go into that tomorrow and post a photo.  I really need HELP.

In the meantime, I'm going on a trip and thought that doing sketches with gouache might be a nice way to get the gist of things, a quick pencil or pen sketch and add a little color.  A couple of days ago I went to AWS and loaded up on gouache and various papers.  I bought Winsor Newton and read the detailed information on this medium.  I read articles and watched videos on-line.  Now I'm ready to go on my maiden cruise into the land of painting with gouache.  If you have some experience with this, be sure to pass it on to me. (I'm editing this a few days later: I tried it and so far I love it!  The brush moves smoothly and quickly over the surface.  I've tried several brushes and papers, and a acrylic medium as well.) 

Yesterday I went to see the totally fantastic show at NSAA Gloucester, MA to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of its founding.  There are many wonderful paintings and sculptures of the original founding members on display as well as many works of other famous members who came along shortly after.
I hope to be able to furnish a better link regarding this show soon.  NSAA web link.  It looks like the Facebook page is now their new "go to" page for information but it's not there either.

There was a mesmerizing painting by one of the original members in gouache that I would like to post here for you to see.  I'll find it.  Keep checking.


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