Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Home Again

My 2-week painting vacation in Italy is over and I'm already gearing up for a workshop coming up this coming Monday in Gloucester, MA with Kim English.

You can read about my Italy trip and see pictures on my Adventures blog.  I'll be adding some content and more photos soon.  I posted to this blog with my iPad while I was there and it is an app that does not have the full capacity to edit that the desktop version has.  I like to edit photos before posting and I also like to vary the text.  I was in the Venice area of Italy while a nearby city was hit with an earthquake. I know the area and realized how extensive the damage was.

Kim English is a favorite of mine, and from what I understand, we will be doing a lot of figure work.  He usually has figures in the landscape.

What I should be doing is working on my murals at the rink.  I started that project when it was too cold to put paint on the walls, and it looks like I'll be finishing under the same conditions.  :(

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