Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One Month Anniversary

I can't believe that today is a month since George passed away--I've only painted a tiny bit and that was because of having a painting student.  I do have a couple of commissions that I have to get done, and they will be first on my list.  In the month that has just passed, we went from winter to summer--today is 90 degrees, and I guess that I have spent most of that month doing yard work and enjoying the garden.

Today the man from the electric stair chair company is coming to remove the chair from the runner so I can more easily bring furniture, etc. up and down the stairs.  I'm storing the chair in a closet and had to clean out the closet.  This was a good thing as I removed a dozen suits and now can figure out where and how to donate them.

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  1. Mary, these are very sad details. Life seems in a state of suspended animation. Or moves on in fits and starts. Thinking of you, Joel