Saturday, July 12, 2014

In the news!

Well, almost, the correspondent came to my house and studio/gallery and interviewed me.  She was here for an hour and hopefully the story will help promote my People Painting Prople project.  She had the idea, and I totally concur, that we should extend the deadline until the end of October, so that enough people can participate to make the project large enough and more people to participate.  The article can also help me to find more locations that will allow painters to come in and paint the model.  Now the next thing is that they will schedule a photographer to come in the take pictures, oh my.
On another front, I'm doing a complete redo of someone's house, and I've been happily shopping for all kinds of flooring, paint, and furniture.  The cleaning crew went in this week and got everything ready for the contractor to paint, etc.  I found a great nice wood bed with headboard and footboard at Salvation Army that I'm painting-- I've found chalk paint, and love the texture and finish of it, but the colors seem limited. While I was there, there was a wonderful table and chairs with gorgeous real leather seats in mint condition, and guess what, I hesitated and today it was gone. I also found at various stores on sale or clearance the linens to make up the bed like the luxury hotel's do.  I'm in my element, I love this stuff.
Here's a photo of my subject at the Paint Out Day at Gloucester last Saturday.
It was the day after the hurricanes around the east coast, so we were all hanging on to our easels.  One lady's blew over three times!  I got very flattering comments from Betty Lou Schlemm and Ken Knowles during the critique.

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