Monday, June 2, 2014

Rosemary Brushes and masking tape and Swans

Masked off

Opps, almost forgot the top part

All sprayed
My hat is off to John Salminen, the masking genius.  I used a whole role of masking tape and lots of newspaper to mask off this large painting, see yard stick on first picture.  Well, it is definitely a challenge to get the effect I'm looking for with this painting.  It's a garden at the Stevens Coolege Estate in No. Andover.
Next--I got my order of Rosemary Brushes today!  How sweet it is.
Next again--I started one of the 8x8's for the Newburyport 8x8 cubed show in August.  I have a wonderful photo of the new baby swans on my Back River and will do one painting of them.  I'm doing 2 in total, so I don't know what the second one will be yet.
I'm also making a paint carrier to bring with me when I leave Sunday for NY.

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  1. Great stuff!!
    things you can do with newpaper and masking tape is endless...