Sunday, September 22, 2013

Demo today by Marc Hayden at Buttonwoods, Haverhill

This exceptionally good portraitist, Mark Hayden of Bradford, MA, a member of the Copley Society, Boston, who has evaded doing a demo in the past, will be painting today at 2 p.m. for his first time in front of an audience according to him and members of the Haverhill Art Association.  I plan to attend and watch and listen.  David Curtis is another wonderful north shore artist who is a very popular   instructor for whom I had to wait for a long time to see him do a demo.  It is always a good experience for me to watch how really good artists proceed with a painting.
I also like to watch videos of artists painting or discussing their work.  Yesterday I found this great link to a video of Charlie Movalli talking about a particularly well-designed painting.  The thing I like about Charles and his work, is the construction of the design and composition and the lights and darks as punctuated in his video.  His direct and energetic style is another aspect that I love in his work.  Charlie Movalli "Light and Dark"

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